Here are 5 healthy breakfast foods to help you lose weight

Check out five healthy foods that will energize you and help in your weight loss journey.

Here are 5 healthy breakfast foods to help you lose weight

New Delhi: Weight loss can be frustrating, especially when you feel confused about your diet. However, it doesn't have to be and you can easily switch to a more nutritious, lower-calorie diet in a matter of days. While it's tempting to eat fluffy, butter-soaked pancakes or aloo parathas as breakfast, you might be starting your day on the wrong foot with such calorie-dense meals.

It's smarter to opt for fibre-rich, protein-dense foods so that you feel energetic and satiated instead of feeling lethargic or sleepy.

So take a look at these simple, affordable breakfast foods that will help you with weight loss:


1. Oats: One can either opt for sweet oats or add spice to your oats mixture, which is entirely up to the person's taste. Oats is a healthy meal as it is rich in fibre and protein and makes you feel full for a longer time. This means no pre-lunch snacks or cravings for a heavy lunch. A controlled appetite will surely help people in losing weight.


2. Bananas: This easily accessible fruit is sweet, has fibre and is low on calories, making it a perfect breakfast food. It is especially recommended for those who want a quick breakfast or usually have a tendency to skip the meal. If you're used to having a sugary breakfast, this is a great alternative. As per Healthline, one medium banana has around 100 calories but 3 grams of dietary fibre. 


3. Eggs: This versatile food is a common source of protein. It can be eaten in many different ways such as boiled, scrambled, sunny-side up and as an omelette. An egg inclusive breakfast will make you feel full for longer and put a full stop to carb cravings. One can even combine eggs with sauteed vegetables to add more nutrients and flavour.


4. Smoothies: If you've got a blender in the kitchen, this food can be the go-to healthy breakfast that you can even carry around with you. Add low-calorie fruits and nuts to your smoothie to make a blend of all the important nutrients. You can even add seeds or protein powder as they help in promoting fullness and lower cravings. However, don't go overboard with your smoothie as it can become too calorie-dense ultimately backfiring on your weight loss goal.

5. Whey Protein pancake: To lose weight, you don't need to sacrifice your love for pancakes. You can still enjoy them with the goodness of protein. Simply add a vanilla flavoured protein powder to eggs, baking powder, ripe banana and you have a healthy pancake mix. One can enjoy it with banana slices or fruit yoghurt as well.

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