Top six ways to reduce stress at work!

Here are some ways on how to reduce stress at work.

Zee Media Bureau

'Stress at work' is one common thing that most of us have felt it – whether it's the pressure to do more, new task or new responsibility that has been given to you.


No matter how stressful we are, we should never let that feeling of disturbances take hold of us. Instead we need to find ways on how to reduce stress so that the work place can be more efficient and fun.


Here are some ways to manage stress at work:

Time management – A good time management skill will help you get things accomplished in time. This will also help you stay organised as well as plan accordingly.

Speak out – Don't always say 'Yes' to your boss. Learn to say no if you think you are extremely busy and overloaded with projects. By taking on too much can make you end up doing nothing good.

Specify responsibility – This is another important point to create a healthy working environment at work. Employees need to be clear about their work roles and responsibilities. Also, encourage one another and make sure that every individual takes responsibility for their job contribution to the success of the organisation.

Learn how to relax – Whenever you feel too tired and exhausted, try doing meditation, deep breathing exercises as these can help melt away stress.

Take a walk – Even a 5 to 10 minutes break will help you to relax from that stressful mind. Stand up from your sit and get some fresh air.

Not demanding too much – Knowing that the human body can't take much in a day, therefore, workload has to be in line with employees' capabilities. Because putting too much pressure on the workers can impact their productivity.


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