Sharing Is Not Always Caring! 5 Personal Items You Should Never Share To Prevent Spread Of Bacterial Infections

To ensure protection against diseases and infections, it’s necessary that you practice proper personal cleanliness. Good hygiene practices significantly contribute to curbing the spread of infections.

Sharing Is Not Always Caring! 5 Personal Items You Should Never Share To Prevent Spread Of Bacterial Infections It is advised not to share your bathroom essentials or personal items.

The spread of viruses and diseases has increased public awareness of the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. Now, people are increasingly making extra efforts to protect their loved ones and themselves. To safeguard oneself from hazardous diseases and infections, proper personal cleanliness must be maintained. Additionally, maintaining proper hygiene goes a long way in reducing the spread of infections. To reduce the danger of catching illnesses, it is strongly suggested against sharing personal goods. Here are some of the personal items that should not be shared with anyone, not even family members.

Soaps: Are you sharing the same bar of soap with your family? You must stop doing it. It may seem completely harmless but can prove to be hazardous as bacteria present on one’s skin tends to transfer onto the soap. Apart from soaps, you should avoid using bath sponges or loofahs used by others. The germs grow within their fibre, which can cause infection to the person using it.

Towels: There is a high probability that your towels contain mildew, bacteria, and fungi. It’s because your towels are usually hung wet, in the bathroom or the clothes stand or elsewhere. So, sharing a towel means spreading infections and other diseases. Ensure that your towel is dry for the next use and keep washing it after every four to five uses.

Bathroom slippers: When used in the bathroom, slippers or flip-flops can also become carriers of infections. Using wet or damp flip-flops that have been used by others increases the likelihood of contracting fungal infections.

Comb: Sharing a comb is also not a good idea when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Given the host of hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, or lice that anyone can experience, it is better to avoid sharing your comb, as this could invite scalp infections and scabies.

Lip balms: Sharing a lip balm with someone else is also not advisable. It is because bacteria can transfer to the lip and mouth membranes. Also, you can contract oral herpes.