ATTENTION! Finish pending work within office hours otherwise...

After the onslaught of Covid 19, most office workers are reluctant to leave early as they have enormous pressure from work. But Samsung's new device prevents employees from overworking. Wondering to know how? Find out by continue reading.

ATTENTION! Finish pending work within office hours otherwise...

New Delhi: Two years after the onslaught of Covid 19, the companies are focusing on more work. Meanwhile, many employees are claiming that Samsung is reversing the trend. This is because of its newest product. The electronics manufacturer has created a brand-new computer mouse that isn't like any other mouse and was made specifically to prevent overwork.

When you start working a lot, a Samsung Balance Mouse takes off from the desk. This is undoubtedly true, but Samsung's new computer mouse not only functions like a real mouse but also appears to be one. However, this is still a concept mouse that was developed in partnership with an advertising agency because it will take time to come to the market. Customers have to wait to take the mouse in their hand as it is not yet for sale. (Also Read: Want to get paid without 'doing anything?' Follow THIS man's formula)

Samsung posted the video of this mouse on their official Korean YouTube channel. Improving the work-life balance in Korea was the main aim behind the design of the Balance mouse. In its ad, Samsung claimed that most office workers are reluctant to leave early. People are constantly under enormous pressure to finish their unfinished business before leaving the office. They occasionally have a lot of extra work to do. (Also Read: No RONA-DHONA, work 18 hours a day,' CEO gets brutally trolled for a message to freshers)

In the video, Samsung claims to have developed a device that will address the issue of overworking. The manufacturer claims that although it looks like a regular mouse, it can prevent users from working longer than is necessary. "This cutting-edge product exposes its true qualities while working harder.

The wheels emerge from the home and flee when the opportunity arises because it recognises hand gestures, according to Samsung in the video. The video also explains that you are very mistaken if you believe you can simply grab the mouse as it tries to flee because the mouse moves too quickly.

Even if you do succeed in grabbing the object, the mouse's central component ejects. By purchasing the Balance Mouse, Samsung encourages people to enjoy their lives outside of work.

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