Weekly Health Horoscope For 26 November To 2 December: Boost Your Energy And Enhance Overall Health, Zodiacs

Weekly Health Horoscope (November 26- December 2): Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces—here's how your health will be in the coming week, according to an astrologer. Let's find out.

Weekly Health Horoscope For 26 November To 2 December


For the upcoming week, embark on a journey towards improved health and well-being, astrologer Pandit G.R Shastri ji, founder of Sai Upasak Astrology in Bangalore reveals personalized insights to enhance your energy and overall health. Here's your weekly health and wellness predictions, read on to know.



Ready to embark on a spiritual journey Aries? Excited to dive into the world of yoga and meditation? Now is the perfect time to start practising mindfulness and leave behind the daily stress that's been bothering you. Your weekly health horoscope predicts that you'll be feeling better than usual. Just be cautious about dining out, as it might cause some stomach issues. And remember to keep an eye on your blood pressure, as stress can affect it.



Take extra care of your health this week, Taurus. It might be a time when you feel emotionally overwhelmed. Engaging in quiet activities can help you maintain your emotional balance and avoid any disturbances. Don't forget to pay attention to your excretory organs as well. This is a favourable period for detoxification and letting go of emotional baggage. You might find solace in exploring the mystical side of life to heal yourself.

Venus transiting the 7th house will bring a focus on your overall well-being and may inspire you to make lifestyle changes that prioritise beauty and aesthetics.



Geminis your weekly health forecast advises you to steer clear of anything icy or chilly. Be mindful of not overusing your knees while exercising. This week, you'll find yourself busy solving other people's problems. It's great that you're willing to help, but try not to put too much stress on yourself. Mental pressure can have a negative impact on your health, so it's best to avoid it. Take care of yourself while taking care of others.




Brace yourself for a challenging week on the health front. It seems like you might experience a minor illness or injury, so it's crucial to be extra cautious with activities like driving, working out, or playing outdoor games. The sun will be activating your sixth house, which is associated with the lower abdominal area. This means that your diet can have a significant impact on your physical well-being. Opt for a balanced and moderate diet that won't burden your intestines. Fasting for one meal could also be beneficial.

Don't forget about your gut health, as it plays a vital role in your overall well-being. Additionally, pay attention to your chest area and lower hip area during this time. If you have any existing issues like back pain, they might resurface during this period. Take care of yourself!



Making changes to your lifestyle will greatly benefit your well-being. Focus on rearranging your meal times to establish a healthier routine. It's important to limit excessive use of your phone or laptop as it can strain your eyes. The third house, which is associated with multitasking, will be active, indicating a busy period ahead. Take breaks and ensure you get enough rest, especially for the ear-to-hand area.

If you already have any ear balance issues, it's crucial to take extra care. This could also be a favourable time to consult with an ENT specialist if needed.



It seems like you might experience some anxiety related to career and relationship issues. To alleviate stress and muscle soreness, try incorporating guided meditation and basic stretching into your routine. According to the Virgo health horoscope, your well-being requires attention today. You may be prone to a sensitive back and muscular spasms, so it's important to take care of your health.

Avoid skipping meals to prevent feeling acidic and maintain a balanced diet. Remember to prioritise self-care and seek support if needed.



Your weekly health forecast is positive. It is important to take care of your back and avoid overexerting yourself to prevent any potential bed rest. Your workday may start off slow, but it will pick up pace in the second half. This part of the day will be more exciting as you brainstorm ideas for future ventures.

To boost your stamina and vitality, it is recommended that you engage in physical activities such as sports or gymming. It is important to stay motivated and focused on your health goals.



As the sun transitions into Sagittarius, your facial organs will be impacted, dear Scorpio. This is a time to focus on enhancing your natural beauty and improving your overall appearance. The illuminating force of the sun will shine on these areas, inspiring you to take a keen interest in your vitality and physical appearance. It's also an opportune moment to schedule a dental check-up and pay attention to your food intake.

However, thyroid patients should exercise caution during this period and follow a healthy diet to avoid any potential health complications. Remember, the throat is also a vital part of this house, so take care of it as well.



Dear Sagittarius, maintaining a positive mindset and incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into your routine will bring you peace of mind. As the sun moves into the first house of health, it will impact your head and skull area, which also represents your mental strength.

While this transit may bring some stress related to your overall health, it's only temporary and may reflect minor health issues. Keep up your positive attitude and healthy habits to stay in good shape.



In the realm of your health, you may find yourself facing an uncomfortable bloating sensation upon awakening. Rather than embarking on a daring dietary experiment, strive for equilibrium. Nourish your body with ample hydration and fiber, assisting in the elimination of toxins.

This week, be mindful of potential health ailments arising from Saturn's presence in your second house. In such circumstances, abstain from wasting precious time on homemade remedies, for a delay in seeking proper treatment can exacerbate your ailments. Counterbalance your physical well-being with prudence and care.



Aquarius, it seems that your physical well-being is in excellent condition, and you are inclined to prioritise self-care even while at work. It is imperative that you do not allow the opinions of others to sway you from maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet, as this will only serve to benefit you. The sun's transition into Sagittarius will have a significant impact on your calf area, which will become increasingly sensitive in the days to come.

There are some concerns regarding your hip area, so it is crucial that you do not overexert yourself. Additionally, the sun is influencing your abdominal areas, and it is imperative that you exercise caution with your dietary choices.



Pisces will need to take care of your health because of your lower back. Avoid emotional eating to not get a stomach ache. The Sun impacts the knees and chest area, and the Sun is conjuncting Mercury. Both planets are not very good at dealing with the chest area, so you will naturally have some concerns. Please stay away from all kinds of arguments and family politics. Otherwise, you will have a lot of emotional issues.

Your digestion is also important, and don’t consume anything that can increase acidity. This is a great time for prayer and meditation as well. The excretory and private organs are also active, and you have to take care. Otherwise, there are chances for bacterial attacks too.