Nishikant Dubey's 'Expose' To Hiranandani 'Yes' - 4 Pictures Explain Mahua Moitra's Alleged 'Cash-For-Query' Row

Mahua Moitra, who was a Trinamool Congress MP till noon, has now lost her membership. The Ethics Committee's recommendation against him was accepted in the House today. Earlier, there was a lot of uproar in the Parliament when the report of the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha was presented. TMC was demanding that Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla give at least 48 hours to study the report on Moitra. It was also demanded that Mahua Moitra should be allowed to speak in the House on the report. However, the Speaker took the decision saying that Mahua's conduct was unethical.

On What Basis Did Mahua Moitra Lost Her Membership


On November 9, the Ethics Committee headed by BJP MP Sonkar had accepted the report recommending the expulsion of Moitra from the Lok Sabha on charges of 'taking money and asking questions in the House'. Six members had voted in favor of the report, including suspended Congress MP Preneet Kaur. However, four opposition members had termed the report as a 'fixed match'. Opposition members claimed that there was not even 'a shred of evidence' to support the complaint of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey, on the basis of which the committee took the decision.


What Allegation Did Nishikant Dubey Make?


The most important role in this matter is of Nishikant Dubey. He had alleged that Moitra took money and asked questions in Parliament. As a matter of fact, he wrote a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker and told him the whole story. The Speaker had sent this complaint to the Ethics Committee. Mahua was accused of attacking Adani Group and PM Modi in Parliament at the behest of businessman Darshan Hiranandani and asking questions related to this. Mahua had received gifts in return. It was also alleged that Mahua had shared the login of her Parliament ID with the businessman.

Why Did Darshan Hiranandani’s Name Come Up?


Darshan Hiranandani is the CEO of real estate and infrastructure company Hiranandani Group. When Nishikant Dubey made the allegation, 42 year old Darshan shrugged it off saying that he has nothing to do with politics, he pays full attention to business. Later news came that in October, businessman Hiranandani confessed to using Mahua's login details in his affidavit. Due to this Mahua's problems increased further. Mahua later alleged that the government put a gun on Darshan and made him sign the affidavit.


Who Is Jai Ananth?


Another name has been in discussion regarding Mahua. Jai Ananth is a Supreme Court lawyer. It is said that earlier Mahua and Jai were good friends. Later a fight broke out. He had complained to the police against Mahua on charges of theft, obscene messages and misbehavior. Later he reached CBI with some evidence and on the basis of this evidence Nishikant Dubey raised the issue in Parliament. He also had a fight with Mahua over the custody of a dog.