'Utha Le Re Baba': Netizens react after butter chicken icecream goes viral - Watch

The video showing a chef serving butter chicken ice cream with spicy green chutney is going crazily viral on social media, scroll down to check how the internet is reacting to fusion food.

'Utha Le Re Baba': Netizens react after butter chicken icecream goes viral - Watch

New Delhi: Fusion food is gaining popularity as food bloggers around the world consistently keep updating their social media accounts with the latest delicious cuisines made by putting together different dishes. But sometimes these mixings give rise to some bizarre fusion food that may or may not taste good.

One such fusion food making the internet crazy is Butter Chicken Ice-cream. In a clip that is going viral on Instagram, a chef is seen scooping out butter chicken puree and serving it with spicy green chutney. Sharing the clip the food blogging page on Instagram foodvoodindia asked Insta users if they would try the Butter Chicken Icecream. 

Viral Video - Butter Chicken Icecream  


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The video showing the bizarre combination of butter chicken and ice cream served with spicy green chutney has managed to garner nearly 2 lakh views and over 4.5k like however, some Insta users are unable to digest the idea of mixing butter chicken and ice-cream. "Eh uthale re baba uthalee" wrote one Insta user jokingly, "take my life .. there’s nothing left in this world," wrote another.

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