Bangalore Bandh: Several Schools, Colleges Closed Due To Private Transporters Strike

The Federation of Karnataka State Private Transport Association has called for a strike in Bengaluru on September 11, affecting various private transport services. Some schools have declared a holiday. 

Bangalore Bandh: Several Schools, Colleges Closed Due To Private Transporters Strike Bangalore Bandh

Bangalore Bandh: The Federation of the Karnataka State Private Transport Association has announced a strike on Monday, September 11. This announcement implies that all privately operated commercial vehicles within the capital city of Karnataka will cease their services for the day, causing potential disruptions to daily routines. As news of the strike spread, some schools in Bengaluru made the preemptive decision to declare a holiday on Monday, September 11. Others, however, have opted to continue with their educational activities by conducting online classes. It is crucial for students and parents to contact their respective school administrations to confirm the status of their educational institutions. Worth noting is that no official government order has been issued thus far mandating the closure of schools in response to the strike. 

Karnataka's Transport Minister, Ramalinga Reddy, weighed in on the situation, stating on Sunday that private transport vehicle owners have the right to go on strike. In preparation for the potential transportation disruption, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has made arrangements to ensure that citizens are not inconvenienced.

With a total of 32 private transport associations in Karnataka, it is anticipated that a significant majority of them will participate in the strike. S. Nataraj, the President of the Transport Federation, estimated that approximately 7 to 10 lakh vehicles, including autos, taxis, airport taxis, cabs, goods vehicles, school vehicles, stage carriages, contract carriages, and corporate buses, will remain non-operational throughout the day.

As Bengaluru residents brace for the strike's impact on their daily routines, the focus remains on finding a balanced solution that addresses the concerns of both the private transport associations and the general public. In the meantime, commuters are advised to plan their journeys carefully, considering alternative modes of transportation and adjusting their schedules to accommodate potential delays.