Top 5 electric scooters you can drive in India without driving license: Hero, HOP and more

Indian laws permit you to own and drive a few electric vehicles without an actual license, here is a list of the top 5 electric vehicles you can drive without a driving license.

Top 5 electric scooters you can drive in India without driving license: Hero, HOP and more

Indian Roads are full of a variety of vehicles ranging from the biggest trucks to the smallest EVs. Based on India's laws, a person needs a license to drive these vehicles based on the type of vehicle you want to drive. For instance, one needs a license to drive a heavy motor vehicle (HMV) or Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) based on the requirements. However, there is a category of vehicles in India that you can drive without any official license. This rule permits Indians to drive certain electric vehicles without any special permit. To be specific, you can drive an electric bicycle which has a max speed of 25 kmph and a max power output of 250 watts. If you wish to have one such vehicle, here's a list of EVs you can drive without a driving license.

1. Hero Electric Flash E2

The Hero Electric Flash E2 perfectly fits in the category of electric vehicle that doesn't need a driving license to drive. The scooter draws power from a 250-watt electric motor, depending on a 48-volt 28 Ah lithium-ion battery. It attains a max speed of 25 kmph, fitting it perfectly in the stencil. What's even better is that the scooter weighs only 69 kg and comes at a price of Rs 59,099.

2. Hero Electric Optima E5

Hero Electric Optima E5 is the second scooter from the automaker on the list. As you might have guessed, falling in this category, the scooter is powered by a 250-watt electric hub motor. The lithium-ion/lead-acid battery pack installed on the floorboard may be fully charged in 4-5 hours. Moreover, the EV offers a range of 55 kilometres per charge and a top speed of 42 kilometres per hour.

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HOP LEO electric scooter is one of the most feature-loaded electric scooters in the category. It comes equipped with features like USB charging, automatic parking assistance, remote key, side stand sensor, anti-theft alarm, and GPS, among other features. Moreover, the scooter offers a range of 70 to 125km on a full charge.

4. Jaunty Pro

AMO Electric Bikes is the manufacturer of the Jaunty Pro. It has an electronic assisted braking system, attractive headlamps, and alloy wheels, among other things. A 249 W electric motor powers the Jaunty Pro. It has a range of 75 kilometres per charge and a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour. In 6 hours, the battery can be fully charged.

5. Joy E-bike Monster

Joy E-bike Monster might sound like a beast considering the name, but it actually is quite different. The mini-bike gets its power from a 250 kW hub motor. Moreover, the EV gets a lithium-ion battery offering a range of 73 km. The mini bike comes with features like a digital instrument console, alloy wheel and rear mono-shock, among others; you can have one for Rs 1,10,000.

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