IPL 2023: David Miller Confident Gujarat Titans Can Defend Title, Says 'Everything Is Very Much The Same As Last Year'

IPL 2023: David Miller and Gujarat Titans will take on Nitish Rana's Kolkata Knight Riders on Sunday in match no. 13 of the Indian Premier League 2023 season.

IPL 2023: David Miller Confident Gujarat Titans Can Defend Title, Says 'Everything Is Very Much The Same As Last Year' Source: Twitter

Gujarat Titans have picked up right from they left last season in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Adding to their squad, South Africa's David Miller joined the camp recently after missing out on the first game due to international duty. Ahead of the clash against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Miller answered some questions about his team's title defence this year and the new rule of 'Impact player'.

When asked about how important it is to win the toss, Miller said, "Honestly, I don't really know at this moment, it's just been some days since I arrived but the guys in charge surely know what to do whether we win it or not."

He was also asked about the start of the season for Gujarat so far to which he replied, "It has been a good start this and it looks like nothing has changed from last year. The guys are very hard working and I am just privileged to play with them."

"I've just come in the last couple of days and I'm still trying to kind of get the concept of it, but it seems like it takes away the impact of all rounders, takes their role away," Miller said during the pre-match press conference when asked to comment on the new rule. (Big Blow For Mumbai Indians As Jofra Archer Likely To Miss Game vs Chennai Super Kings)

"That's my understanding, where you can take six or seven frontline batters or six frontline bowlers. So, yeah, I mean, we'll see how it goes as IPL goes on."

When asked if the all-rounder's position is threatened due to the new rule, Miller said: "No, not necessarily threatened."

"I mean, ultimately, you've got your all-rounders position. But I think the fact that you've got the choice to have the extra batter or the extra bowler just gives extra strength to the team. So I wouldn't say it's a threat to any all rounders. All rounders have always been highly regarded in any team. So I think their role still remains but it just gives this extra strength to the team in terms of batting or bowling."

On Sunday, Gujarat will take on Kolkata Knight Riders, who have three mystery spinners in Sunil Narine, Varun Chakaravarthy and new entrant Suyash Sharma.

"KKR have got a strong team, some really good mystery bowlers, and we're well aware of what they've gotten. In terms of preparation, we've been doing everything we can the last day or two to counter that," Miller said.

"It is going to be very hot. So I think the guys are going to be hydrating, well, the next 24 hours."