Watch: Plane Engine Catches Fire Mid-Flight, Prompts Emergency Landing

The now viral video shared on social media platform shows the Southwest Airline engine spitting flames while it was on its way from Houston to Cancun in Mexico.

Watch: Plane Engine Catches Fire Mid-Flight, Prompts Emergency Landing Image Source- Twitter

Southwest Airlines plane flying in the skies above Houston abruptly burst into flames forcing the aircraft to make an emergency landing. The incident occurred while the American carrier was on its way from Houston to Cancun in Mexico. However, the aircraft returned to Hobby Airport after a mechanical issue with the engine of the aircraft a while after the plane took off. As per NBC's report, the aircraft landed safely after the incident and was taken for review.

Addressing the incident, the airline said in a statement, "A different aircraft continued the flight to Cancun last evening, and we appreciate our Customers’ patience and support." The problem with the engine of the aircraft was caught on camera and was shared on social media. The video shows the right engine of the aircraft spitting flames. The incident occurred with a Boeing 737 narrow-body aircraft used for short routes.

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NBC quotes an eyewitness on the Cancun-bound flight saying, "I noticed big black plumes of smoke coming out the right engine and then it started shooting really big fireballs out and the plane was shifting back and forth, side to side, pretty heavily."

He added, "I was thinking this plane may crash. If that engine just completely explodes and sends shrapnel everywhere, the plane is going to fizzle out and hit the ground."