Dubai-Bound SpiceJet Flight Lands In Karachi Due To Medical Emergency

SpiceJet flight en route to Dubai diverts to Karachi due to a passenger's medical emergency. After being grounded for two hours, it was refuelled and resumed its journey.

Dubai-Bound SpiceJet Flight Lands In Karachi Due To Medical Emergency Image for representation

A SpiceJet flight was on its way to Dubai after taking off from Ahmedabad was diverted to Karachi following a medical emergency on board. The flight landed at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport on Tuesday night after a passenger complained of low sugar levels. On humanitarian grounds, the plane was granted permission to land, and it remained grounded for nearly 2 hours. Later, it was refuelled and was allowed to continue its journey to Dubai.

SpiceJet officials revealed that the flight SG-15 landed in Karachi around 9:30  PM and medical assistance was offered to the passenger. "The Boeing 737 aircraft was going from Ahmedabad to Dubai when a 27-year old passenger, Dharwal Darmesh, suffered a suspected heart attack and needed medical attention," a spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said here.

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He said a medical team of the CAA gave emergency medical attention to the passenger whose sugar level had fallen and was experiencing palpitations.

"After getting medical treatment, the passenger has recovered and the flight has also been refuelled and will fly on to Dubai," the official said.

Earlier on Tuesday night, a spokesperson of the airline in New Delhi said the SpiceJet plane flying from Ahmedabad to Dubai was diverted to Karachi.

"On December 5, 2023, SpiceJet Boeing 737 aircraft operating flight SG-15 (Ahmedabad-Dubai) was diverted to Karachi due to a medical emergency," the spokesperson said.