'Vodka ho ya Whiskey…' Delhi Police’s poetic road SAFETY awareness campaign against drunk driving

Delhi Traffic Police is now using tickling poetic ways to spread awareness among the citizens against drunk driving using their Twitter account; here's the most recent post from police department.

'Vodka ho ya Whiskey…' Delhi Police’s poetic road SAFETY awareness campaign against drunk driving

Delhi Police is working on increasing road safety awareness among citizens of the national capital to the best of their abilities. To achieve this goal, they are employing multiple ways ranging from physical campaigns to virtual ones on social media. The campaign on social media is quite different as they use different graphics to do so. In the most recent post, the police department addressed drunk driving and appealed to avoid such risky violations of rules. The issue was addressed with graphics posted on Twitter via the official social media handle of the Delhi Traffic Police department.

The post had the caption saying, "Rum, Voda Ya ho Whisky, Pikar Gaadi Chalaana, IS ALWAYS RISKY!" Which roughly translates to, "Rum, Vodka or Whiskey drinking and driving is always risky." These awareness campaigns are meant to make people aware of the dangers of breaking road safety rules. However, it is common knowledge that driving while inebriated or under the influence of a substance is illegal and dangerous.

Earlier, the Delhi Traffic Police, to raise awareness about road safety in the national capital, fined a few people for violations such as tinted glass windows, not wearing seatbelts, etc. As part of the proceedings, the Delhi Police fined 25 people for failing to wear seatbelts in the car's back seat. The announcement was made via the Delhi Traffic Police's official Twitter account. The national capital's police department's strict action is in line with the government's goal of implementing road safety rules and raising awareness about the use of rear seat belts while driving a car.

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In addition, the Delhi Traffic Police fined 65 people for having tinted glass windows on their vehicles. It should be noted that tinted car windows are illegal and are frequently ignored by people. In addition, 273 people were cited by the police department for driving on the wrong side of the road. They also fined one minor one dollar for driving a vehicle.

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