Hyundai Santro pulled out from river in Leh-Ladakh with bare hands and rope - Watch video

When a Hyundai Santro fell into a river in Ladakh on the Srinagar-Leh highway, people were seen pulling the car out with just hands and managed to rescue all occupants.

Hyundai Santro pulled out from river in Leh-Ladakh with bare hands and rope - Watch video

The Ladakh region offers picturesque landscapes that bring the photographer out of almost everyone. The region also is known for being fatal to many, due to its high altitudes and dangerous roads. However, the drive to Leh-Ladakh is on roughly everyone’s wish list. We should, although, keep in our minds that it is a rather dangerous one. Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a Hyundai Santro, which fell into a river. Fortunately, the car and occupants were rescued by people with the help of rafts and kayaks. The video has become viral on social media platforms.

The rescuers also tie the car with a rope and then pull it out of the river. Thankfully, no casualties are being reported after the incident. The accident happened while the white-coloured Hyundai Santro was being driven to Leh via the Srinagar-Leh highway. However, the primary reason for the accident isn’t known yet.

Since the roads in the Ladakh region are free from traffic, outsiders tend to accelerate on the roads. Furthermore, the surroundings tend to catch the driver’s attention, which often leads to such situations. After all, Ladakh fails to run short on offering landscapes that can make people fall face first.

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Talking of the Hyundai Santro, the entry-level SUV of the South-Korean carmaker is currently discontinued. The rumours have that the brand is contemplating launching a new micro SUV in the place of Hyundai Santro. The hatchback was on sale with a 1.0L NA petrol motor that pushed out a peak power output of 59 bhp and 83 Nm of max torque. The very motor could be used on the upcoming SUV. As per rumours, the company’s Casper SUV could make its way to the Indian market, which is currently sold in the South-Korean market only.

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