Woman who married herself 'cheats on herself'

Woman who married herself 'cheats on herself'

In May 2015, Sophie Tanner had grabbed the headlines after she had married herself. But recently, she revealed on a talk show that Sophie, who vowed to love and honour herself ’til death do her part, has cheated on herself.

She admitted that she and herself did not have a perfect relationship and that she had an affair with Ruari Barrett, a polyamorist who is now also married to himself. They were together for five months. 

So does this mean she will end up divorcing herself? 

Sophie says marrying yourself is a lifelong commitment and you are responsible for your own happiness, 'so divorce is not an option.'

Speaking about her marriage with herself, she said that self-marriage isn't about never being with anyone else, it's about ‘self-love’. 

She also said that marrying yourself does not mean you become a nun. "It doesn't mean you're rejecting all other meaningful relationships in your life and becoming a nun forevermore. It means you're rejecting bad relationships," she said.

Sologamy, the practice of marrying oneself is gaining popularity in the UK. Many women have had a full ceremony to commemorate the event. 

These self-marriages are not legally recognised by any official bodies yet.

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