Vladimir Putin seen 'trembling, struggling to stand' amid reports of his ill health - WATCH

Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen 'struggling to stand' still in a video at an award ceremony that reportedly took place on Sunday. Watch the video here.

Vladimir Putin seen 'trembling, struggling to stand' amid reports of his ill health - WATCH

New Delhi: Amid reports Russia President Vladimir Putin's ill health, a video featuring Russia President Vladimir Putin has been going viral on social media which featured him presenting an award to filmmaker Nikita Mikhailov during an award ceremony at the Kremlin. The video is allegedly dated to be recorded on Sunday (June 12), however, the authenticity of the viral video cannot be confirmed at the moment. In the video, Russian Prez is seen standing at a podium and delivering a speech. 

However, there has been conversation on Putin's legs shaking or trembling while presenting the award. As reported by the Daily Express, the Russian President appeared to be trying hard to stand still but failing to do so as he swayed back and forth. 

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The video was shared on Twitter by former senior executive at NBCUniversal Mike Sington. 



In May, there was immense speculation about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ill health. According to the Independent, an FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) officer had claimed that Putin is suffering from a "rapidly progressing cancer". He had also said that the 69-year-old Russian leader was suffering from headaches and his eyesight was fast deteriorating.

Amid all this, a Russian oligarch, having close ties with Putin, had reportedly said that the Russian leader was “suffering from blood cancer" in a leaked audio conversation. The unidentified oligarch was heard discussing Putin's health with a Western venture capitalist, in the leaked audio recording obtained by a US magazine New Lines.

Although the video is reported to be taken on Sunday (June 12), Zee News cannot confirm the authenticity of the clip.

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