Racist caller compares UK PM Rishi Sunak to Al Qaeda on UK show - Watch viral video

A caller on a famous radio show in the UK compares Rishi Sunak to Al Qaeda and said that he doesn't love England as Boris does

Racist caller compares UK PM Rishi Sunak to Al Qaeda on UK show - Watch viral video

New Delhi: A caller on Britain's popular radio show claimed that Rishi Sunak, who appears to be the new UK Prime Minister, doesn't love England and isn't even British in most people's eyes. Sunak was also compared to Al Qaeda by the caller. "We are the voters and we support Boris. Boris has the best chance of winning the general election next time. Rishi is not gonna win it. He doesn't love England as Boris does," said the caller who identified himself as Jerry on the LBC radio show.

After the show host pointed out that Rishi Sunak was born in the UK and attended prestigious educational institutions there, whereas Johnson was born in New York, Jerry stated that the fact that Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty's business is based in India and the US proved that he wasn't British. Following this, the host of the show cut him off, saying, "I think you are fundamentally a racist, and it’s absolutely fascinating that you and other Tory Party members think like this. "Rishi Sunak moved one step closer to becoming the clear frontrunner in the Conservative Party leadership race to become Britain's first Indian-origin Prime Minister on Monday, after his former boss, Boris Johnson, announced his withdrawal from the race. As reported by an article in India Today.

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When he declared his candidacy, the 42-year-old former chancellor said he wanted to “fix our economy, unite our party and deliver for our country” He has held a solid lead in the contest, having comfortably surpassed the 100-MPs threshold. In response, Jerry, who claims to be a Conservative Party member, stated that half of Al Qaeda's members are British citizens. "Could you mention me becoming the prime minister of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? No. Eighty-five per cent of England are white English people and they want a prime minister who reflects that. I can’t just go to India and be the Prime Minister there can I," he further said, adding that nothing Rishi Sunak can do to prove his patriotism.

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