Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera

According to many reports, Shera gets Rs 2 crore annually.

Deepika Padukone and her bodyguard Jalal

The annual salary of Jalal is Rs. 1.2 crore annually, as per reports.

Akshay Kumar's bodyguard Shreysay Thele

Mens XP quoted a Mid-Day report stating that Akshay Kumar's bodyguard Shreysay Thele draws an annual salary of Rs. 1.2 crore.

SRK's boduguard Ravi Singh

According to Pinkvilla, Ravi Singh earns Rs. 2.7 crore making him the highest-paid bodyguard in Bollywood.

Aamir Khan's bodyguard Yuvraj Ghorpade

As per a Times Now report, he takes home around Rs 2 crore annually.