5 Opposition Leaders Who Joined Hands With BJP Recently

Amidst the political landscape's shifting tides, a notable convergence emerges as opposition leaders extend their hands towards the BJP.

These unexpected alliance reflects a nuanced interplay of ideologies, strategies, and ambitions, sparking both intrigue and scrutiny.

Ajit Pawar

The BJP's magnetism draws Ajit Pawar into its fold, challenging traditional political alliances and strategies.

Nitish Kumar

As the BJP strengthens its position, Nitish Kumar's decision to join the party marks a significant turning point in Indian politics.

N Kiran Reddy

The BJP's growing influence attracts N Kiran Reddy, who have decided to join forces, setting the stage for a dramatic political shift.

Ashok Chavan

As the BJP expands its reach, Ashok Chavan have chosen to join the ruling party, reshaping the political narrative in the country.

Milind Deora

Shifting loyalties, The political landscape transforms as key figures from the Opposition embrace BJP


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