Say 'I Love You' with Flowers

Flowers never go out of style; how can you not pick that perfect bunch for your beloved to express your love? Here're the most popular flowers for Valentine's Day. (Pics: Pixabay)

Classy Tulips

Standing for perfect and undying love, tulips - especially red ones - are an exquisite Valentine's Day gift.

Exotic Orchids

Colourful and fragrant, orchids are exotic and gifting a bouquet can be a precious way to say 'I Love you'

Dainty Lilies

Pink lilies can be the perfect flowers for your partner this Valentine's Day!

Perfect Peonies

Peonies represent romance and love and can be the ideal flower to give your partner on Valentine's Day!

Evergreen Red Roses

Last but not the least, they might be the most common choice, but red roses remain the top favourite when it comes to gifting flowers to your beloved.