Woman sends 'resume cake' to get job in Nike- Read full story here

Though there was no opening for any positions on the team that Karly was applying for in Nike however she sent out a cake with her resume's photo on top to grab the attention of the team.

Woman sends 'resume cake' to get job in Nike- Read full story here

New Delhi: Finding a job is a tough task but building a resume for one is tougher. People who are in search of a job generally find it difficult to make an attractive resume as the person hiring for the job has tons of resumes and one has to add something extra to stand out.

In one such feat to stand out for a job a woman took her creative skills to next level and sent her resume printed on a cake. Yes! totally edible cake resume. Karly Pavlinac Blackburn from North Carolina ordered a photo cake on which she asked to put her resume and sent it to Nike company all the way from North Carolina to Beaverton, Oregon.

Sharing the story of her cake resume, Karly on her Linkedin post wrote, "They are not currently hiring for any positions on that team, but I wanted to find some way for the team to know who I was." 

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"I was brainstorming with my former colleague Trent Gander. When he said, “Karly do better, this is a creative place, show up in a creative way! she added.”

While narrating her whole story from ordering a resume cake get it delivered into the right hands Karly also expressed her gratitude to her delivery agent Denise Baldwin who made sure that the creative resume was delivered to right person. Karly in her post also mentioned that Denise was also inspired by her and recognised her "abilities and qualifications to get something better."


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