Swayamwar in Bihar: Groom mimics Lord Rama's Dhanush breaking to get married

A man in Bihar's Saran district got married like Lord Shri Rama by breaking a Dhanush (bow) at the wedding ceremony.  

Swayamwar in Bihar: Groom mimics Lord Rama's Dhanush breaking to get married

Saran: Indian weddings are one of the best parts of Indian culture as they possess a variety of emotions along with drama and comedy. Every bride and groom want their wedding to be unique so that people remember it for ages and to draw that uniqueness, people tend to go beyond imagination.

Such a case was seen in a wedding where the groom broke off a bow (Dhanush) like God Shri Ram in order to marry his bride. The unique wedding was organized in Bihar’s Saran, which has now become the talk of the town.

Just like the Swayamvar that happened during ancient times, the groom too broke a bow (Dhanush) and the bride then puts a garland around his neck to solemnize the marriage. 

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According to reports, the Dhanush Swayamvar was organized during a marriage ceremony in Sabalpur East area under Sonpur block of Saran district. In videos and pictures of the event, it is seen that on the stage the groom first prayed to Lord Shiva with folded hands before lifting the bow and then raised the bow and broke it.

As he broke the bow, people attending the ceremony clapped and cheered with joy. People started showering flowers, the bride was brought to the stage after which the bride and groom put garlands on each other on the stage. Not just the bow-breaking event, all the rituals of marriage were conducted like the Swayamvar of Lord Shri Ram by chanting mantras by the Pandit on the stage.

The wedding was a huge hit in the district, however, none of the COVID-19-safety protocols were followed. Guests were seen without masks and some were dancing without keeping social distancing.

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