'Modern Day Problems Need Modern Solutions': Biker's Witty Reason For Booking Rapido Goes Viral

A Rapido driver's viral video captures his extraordinary act of kindness when he assists a stranded customer whose bike broke down. The video went viral on social media platforms X and Instagram. 

'Modern Day Problems Need Modern Solutions': Biker's Witty Reason For Booking Rapido Goes Viral Viral Video

Viral Video: A Rapido driver in India has become an internet sensation after a video showcasing his incredible act of kindness went viral. The video, shared by the driver himself, depicts a unique rescue mission that has warmed hearts of many on social media. The story begins with a seemingly unusual Rapido booking. The driver, upon arrival, found the customer waiting with his own bike, not needing a ride himself. Confused, the driver inquired about the booking, only to discover the customer's bike had broken down, leaving him stranded.

Thinking on his feet and demonstrating true empathy, the Rapido driver devised a modern day solution. Employing a classic roadside technique used in India, he used his own leg to push the customer's malfunctioning bike, ferrying the stranded rider to the nearest mechanic shop. 

But the heartwarming act doesn't end there. After reaching the mechanic, the Rapido driver, in a gesture of pure selflessness, cancelled the ride and refused to accept any payment for his assistance. The customer, however, deeply touched by the driver's kindness, insisted on offering compensation.


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The video, documenting this heartwarming exchange, has gone viral on social media platforms, it is shared by many popular pages on X and has recieved more than 3.5 Lakh likes on Instagram. Netizens are praising the Rapido driver for his quick thinking, helpfulness, and genuine concern for a fellow rider.  Many commented on the importance of such acts of kindness in today's world, highlighting the spirit of community and the biker brotherhood.

The incident not only showcases the resourceful problem-solving of people in times of necessity but also illuminates the often-overlooked acts of kindness woven into our daily existence. The selfless deed of the Rapido driver acts as a powerful testament, emphasizing that it is the unforeseen gestures that leave the most lasting impact.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that kindness can go a long way, even in unexpected situations. The Rapido driver's act of selflessness has not only helped a fellow rider in need but has also inspired others to spread kindness on the road.