BIZARRE! It's Raining Worms In China - Watch Slimy Creatures Fall From Sky

In a bizarre incident, worm rain was reported in China's capital city Beijing and it was claimed that slimy creatures were falling from the sky.

BIZARRE! It's Raining Worms In China - Watch Slimy Creatures Fall From Sky

New Delhi: We all have heard the phrase "it's raining cats and dogs" but seems like in China it's raining worms. A video from the capital city of Beijing made the internet go crazy as it showed roads and vehicles covered with what seems like worms. In the video going crazily viral over social media platforms, cars in Beijing are seen covered with some worm-like creatures.

In the video shared by Insider Paper clusters of worm-like dusty brown creatures are all over cars parked alongside roads in Beijing and people reportedly are seen carrying umbrellas to save themselves from getting hit by worms falling from the sky.

According to New York Post, the reason behind the 'worm rain is not known yet however the scientific journal Mother Nature Network suggests that the slimy creatures were dropped after being swept up by heavy winds.

"According to the periodical also noted that this type of occurrence happens after a storm when insects are caught up in a whirlpool,"  stated the New York Post.

However, a Chinese journalist Shen Shiwei claimed that the video was fake and that the city of Beijing had witnessed no rainfall in recent times. “I’m in Beijing and this video is fake. Beijing hasn’t got rainfall these days,” Shiwei tweeted.

Some people also claimed that the video was fake and dubbed it as a since the worms were only on cars and not on the sidewalk however some others claimed that the scene of falling worms was quite normal and that it happens every spring.

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