Viral Video Shows Making Of 'Cheese Gola', Internet Unimpressed

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A strange culinary experiment from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has surfaced in a viral video that has caused controversy among foodies. In the video, a vendor is seen adding grated cheese to gola ice popsicles to make what is referred to as "cheese gola." The vendor can be seen in the video, which was posted by food blogger Siddharth Shah, laying three different flavored syrups over a plain ice ball before adding two scoops of creams with different textures. Although some viewers thought the combination was interesting, many others expressed their dissatisfaction by calling it the "worst food combo" in the comments area. "Mayonnaise reh gaya. [All that was remaining to add was mayonnaise]," an observer joked, while others bemoaned the break from customary gola offerings. This particular food sparked debates aboutculinary experimentation and the boundaries of flavor combinations.