Know what Asaduddin Owaisi said after defeating Madhavi Latha

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Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 Update: In the trends of Lok Sabha elections, NDA seems to be registering victory. But, BJP has not got full majority. What did Owaisi say after defeating Madhavi in ​​Hyderabad? In such a situation, now the Indian alliance has also staked claim to form the government. With the counting of Lok Sabha election results 2024, the results of 543 seats will be announced today. After which it will be decided whether NDA government will be formed in the country or I.N.D.I.A alliance will win. People across the country including Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi are keeping their eyes on this result. According to the Election Commission, during the counting, first the ballot paper votes will be counted, after which the EVM votes will be counted. Watch the biggest coverage of Lok Sabha election results LIVE on Zee News.