Jharkhand Political Crisis Update: ‘No conflict between JMM, Congress’, says Champai Soren

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Jharkhand Political Crisis Update: Jharkhand CM Champai Soren said that everything in absolutely fine. But information is being received from Jharkhand that 12 Congress MLAs are angry. Not 1,2,3, but 8 Jharkhand Congress MLAs landed at Delhi airport last night, that too when only 2 weeks have passed since Champai Soren took oath in Jharkhand. It is being told that Champai is causing trouble to the government. MLAs from his ally Congress suddenly came to Delhi. These MLAs may be calling their journey normal but the circumstances are abnormal for Champai Soren. It is being told that before traveling to Delhi, the MLAs held several rounds of meetings in Ranchi and when things did not work out, they flew to Delhi.