DNA: PM Modi is wooing swing voters to secure 430 seats - Global Times

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DNA: Even before the start of the election campaign, Prime Minister Modi had given the slogan - This time, four hundred seats. After this, from street-corner meetings to public meetings, every small and big leader of BJP is repeating this slogan. But no one is telling that crossing four hundred is fine but what will be the exact number? You will be surprised to know that the exact numbers which the big election analysts of India are not able to give, are not being given by Prime Minister Modi himself. That exact number has been told by China and this number is- 430. That means, 30 seats more than the target set by the Prime Minister. This is the biggest prediction of this election so far that on June 4, PM Modi can touch the figure of 430. And the interesting thing is that this prediction has not been made by any astrologer or any local expert, but by our neighboring country, China. Chinese President Xi Jinping's party estimates that Modi is on the way to its biggest victory by winning 430 seats.