DNA: Massive Crowd Build-up At Char Dham Yatra

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DNA: It is believed that if a person has returned after completing the Char Dham Yatra, then by eating the prasad received from him, one gets the virtue of Char Dham. There is a different type of reverence for Char Dham in Hindu tradition. But nowadays, while visiting Chardham, you will find a large number of Instagram lovers and Facebook lovers. For such people, God's abode is a party place. Here, by making the noise of drums and making devotional postures of different styles, they feel like Feeling Blessed Emogi. The travelers who consider the journey of Chardham as an adventure sport are creating problems for those going with devotion. There has been a lot of chaos due to the arrival of large number of passengers. Even the state government had no idea of the number of passengers. Many problems are being caused due to the arrival of large number of passengers. Many pictures are going viral on social media. Long queues, jostling, and pictures inviting accidents are making the Char Dham Yatra dangerous.