DNA: Is Public Wi-Fi Safe for Online Banking?

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DNA: Generally, we all do not pay much attention to which company the WI-FI Router belongs to...because all our focus is on the speed of the internet, many times the Local Internet Provider, in order to be cheap, uses any WI-FI router. -FI Routers are installed. But this router can pass your sensitive information to hackers. An advisory has come from CERT-In i.e. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team. It has been said in the advisory that there is a flaw in the Digisol Router DG-GR1321 with hardware version 3.7L and firmware version V3.2.02. At this time you are also seeing that advisory of CERT-in on your TV screen. It is also written in it that if you have this model of Router then you should remove it immediately. CERT-In has given this warning only for the model of Digisol Router DG-GR1321. CERT-In has mentioned three flaws in the router of this model...First flaw - Due to weak password, hackers can bypass the security. This happens because of keeping a weak password. Second drawback - Some Digisol models have a built in access point, which gives users access to communication directly through the cable.