Year-end jitters at work? Every CEO should visit these luxury destinations this holiday season

Have you ever wondered where all these  A-list celebrities and other billionaires of India go for their vacations? Here are some exotic destinations that Indian billionaires travel to when they want a "much-needed" break.

Year-end jitters at work? Every CEO should visit these luxury destinations this holiday season

Christmas holidays: Most people prefer curating their travel experiences to their tastes and needs. The top-tier management of most organizations prefers more secluded yet secure locations where they have privacy and can soak in all the peace with family, friends or alone. When it comes to CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other top managers all value their time even when they are travelling.

According to a study, the majority of Indian CEOs choose wildlife safaris when travelling in the current era when people prefer to choose carefully designed vacation experiences. They prioritise having good lighting, technology, upscale furniture, outdoor space, and comfy beds as their top five priorities.

Still, if you're curious about how the Indian billionaires spend their time on a break. Here are some vacation spots that India's billionaires travel to when they want to take time off.

1. Greece

Ancient archaeological sites, picture-perfect islands, powder beaches, and the sea breeze of the Mediterranean, all make Greece one of the most coveted attractions for CEOs. 

All types of vacation experiences are provided for throughout the country, from the acropolis in Athens, the blue and white buildings in Santorini, and the beaches in Corfu.

2. Island Of St Lucia

St. Lucia is the beauty queen of the Caribbean, crowned by the massive twin volcanic peaks known as the Pitons. Some of St. Lucia's many features include crescent-shaped beaches, tiny fishing communities, rainforests, reefs, waterfalls, geothermal sites, and beautiful hillsides.

3. Croatia

Some of the country's best museums, galleries, restaurants, and stores can be found in the lively capital city of Zagreb. Along the coast, several pebble beaches provide activities like scuba diving, water skiing, and windsurfing, while centuries-old harbour towns are crammed with stone buildings from the Venetian era.

Business tycoons often charter a luxury yacht cruise to see the country's most breathtaking landscapes.

4. Island Of Kauai

With mountains, waterfalls, and a spectacular coastline, Kauai is a beautiful paradise. It is the oldest and the westernmost of the Hawaiian chain of big islands, and as a result, it features the most diverse plant life, earning it the title "Garden Isle."

There are a tonne of outdoor activities available for CEOs to partake in here.

5. Mexico

For an energetic, uninterrupted vacation, combine the diversity of yoga locations with cave diving and no cell service. You will feel great and pampered after eating fresh fish and vegetables from Posada Margherita and maybe doing a little shopping in their charming boutique. 

You want to pinch yourself in awe as you sip nightcaps at Gitano beneath the jungle canopy that's the real Mexico.

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These locations are the reason you never know where the billionaires jet-off to every 3 months due to the peace and serinity that surrounds these places.

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