Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: Here are the best Pandals to visit in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai becomes a different place at the time of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival

Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: Here are the best Pandals to visit in Mumbai

New Delhi: The holy festival of Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganeshotsav is just a day away and excitement of devotees can already be felt. After all, who doesn't like the beating of the drums, beauty of colours all around, long queues outside pandals and the delicious modak! 

The city of Mumbai becomes a different place at the time of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. There are various pandals set up across the country which are heavenly to visit. People from different backgrounds gather to celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha. 

Here are some of the best pandals to visit in Mumbai this Ganesh Chaturthi:

1.  Lalbaugcha Raja

Kept at Laubaug which is a very prominent locality in Mumbai, this idol of Lord Ganesha is believed to be Navsacha Ganpati which means 'the one who fulfils all wishes'. 

People can take Lalbaugcha Raja's blessings through two queues, Navsachi Line and Mukh Darshanachi Line.

2. Ganesh Galli Mumbaicha Raja

Located a few lanes away from Lalbaugcha Raja, Mumbaicha Raja is also visited by a huge crowd every year. Enactments from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are presented to review

our country's rich culture and heritage. This is perhaps the most creative pandal as every year, a new theme is explored by the artists.

3. Khetwadi 

Located in South Mumbai, Girgaon, this one is with the tallest Ganpati idol in the entire city! The Khetwadi pandal has a 40-feet-tall idol of Lord Ganesha and is decorated with pure gold jewellery pieces! Fascinating, right?

4. GSB Seva Mandal Ganpati 

This mandal is the richest one in the entrie world! The idol of Ganpati Ji here is known as the 'gold ganpati'. This is because a massive 60 kg of gold is used to adorn the idol along with 175 kg of silver. Visit this pandal located at the King Circle for one of the most unique experiences. 

5. Andheri Cha Raja

Located in Azad Nagar, what's special about this pandal is not its richness or the height of the idol. Beauty lies in simplicity is what the organizers believe in and the pandal has some beautiful sets and idols for devotees. The point of immersion is a few kilometers away but owing to the pandal's popularity, it takes as long as 20 hours to take the idol to that point.

6. Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Ganpati

Located near Chinchpokli railway station, this is one of the oldest Ganpati pandals as it was founded in the year 1920. Immerse yourself in the bliss and purity that comes with worshipping the beautiful Ganpati idol.

7. Kamatipuracha Chintamani Ganesh

This pandal is located at 14 Lane Kamatipura. Nothing is better than looking at this idol of Ganesha, sitting on a horse. The idol is not only unique but also adds a sense of protection. The lord is watching over you, no reason to be afraid!

8. Tulsiwadi Cha Maharaja Ganesh

Located on the Tardeo road, South Mumbai, you must definitely give this place a visit during the festival. It is one of the smallest mandals but its unique Ganesha idol with heads of various deities garner a lot of attention. 

9. Dongri Cha Raja

This pandal is located at Ganesh Chowk, Dr.Maisheri Marg and is yet another beautiful pandal offering immense inner peace to all the devotees who visit.

10. Chandanwadi Ganpati

Chira Bazaar is famous for its jewellery, however, during Ganesh Chaturthi, the area is visited for the Chandanwadi Ganpati pandal. The idol of Ganesha standing next to a tiger was awarded the best idol in Mumbai in the year 2012. 

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

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