Karan Mehra hasn’t called son Kavish since his birthday: Nisha Rawal makes shocking statements on estranged husband!

Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki actress Nisha Rawal revealed that her estranged husband hasn't been in touch with their son Kavish since his birthday.

Karan Mehra hasn’t called son Kavish since his birthday: Nisha Rawal makes shocking statements on estranged husband! File photo

New Delhi: Actress Nisha Rawal who had been making headlines after her domestic feud with estranged husband Karan Mehra came into the public domain recently made revelatory comments about him in her latest interview. 

Karan, a TV actor as well, had shared a post a few days ago expressing that he had not met his son in 75 days and was terribly missing him. However, it appears Nisha has a different story to tell on his relationship with his son Kavish.

According to her statement, Karan had last called his son on his birthday on June 18 and never sent the gifts that he had posted a picture of on social media. 

She told ETimes, "He called just once on Kavish’s birthday (June 18) on an actor’s friend’s number to wish him. He posted a picture of gifts he had ordered for Kavish on his birthday. I want to know why those gifts never reached our son. Let me tell you, he hasn’t called Kavish even once since his birthday."

Recalling the abuse that she would face at the hands of Karan, Nisha expressed that during a heated argument he would often hit her and made sure no cameras were able to capture him in the act. 

"Whenever we had a heated argument or he would hit me, he made sure it happened in the bedroom where there were no cameras.” She adds, “On June 30, I along with my rakhi brother, Rohit Sethia, tried to talk to him about parting ways amicably. One thing led to another and while we were in the bedroom, he slapped me, pulled me by my hair, and banged my head to the wall. That’s when I approached the police, " she added.

For the uninitiated, Nisha Rawal made shocking allegations of domestic violence and extra-marital affair against Karan. He was arrested for allegedly beating up his wife and taken into custody. Later in the day, Karan was released on bail.

In a media interaction, Nisha Rawal made some startling allegations against husband Karan Mehra, stating that he has an extra-marital affair and after she confronted him, he accepted it. 

However, Karan alleged that his wife Nisha was the one who began the assault by shouting at him and then spitting on him. He told India Today that the couple had been going through a rough patch for a while and were contemplating parting ways.

He claimed the huge fight erupted as he refused to pay the 'huge' alimony amount demanded by his wife and her brother.

The couple dated for about six years, before tying the knot on November 24, 2012. The duo was blessed with a son in 2017.

Karan Mehra rose to stardom with daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. He was one of the highest-paid actors in the TV world and also participated in Bigg Boss 10.