Kapil Sharma didn't perform, nor responded: Case filed against comedian for breach of North America tour contract

A lawsuit has been filed against Kapil Sharma for breaching the 2015 North America tour contract.

Kapil Sharma didn't perform, nor responded: Case filed against comedian for breach of North America tour contract

NEW DELHI: A case has been filed against comedian Kapil Sharma for breaching his contract for the tour of North America in 2015. As per Times of India, Sai USA Inc filed the lawsuit as Kapil was paid for six shows but he performed at only five of them. 

The TOI report mentioned that Amit Jaitly, a well-known promoter of shows in America, claimed that Kapil failed to perform in one of the six cities he had promised to and had committed to pay up for the loss. However, as per Amit, the comedian neither performed at the event nor made up for the loss. Speaking to the publication, Amit said, "He did not perform and has not responded although we tried several times to get in touch with him before the court.'' 

According to the report, the case is pending in a New York court. Sai USA Inc will 'definitely be taking legal action against him'.

Taking to their Facebook page, Sai USA shared a report on the case. They captioned the post, "SAI USA INC FILES THE LAWSUIT AGAINST KAPIL SHARMA FOR Breach of contract in 2015."

Currently, Kapil is on a tour of North America with his team of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' for their show Kapil Sharma Live. Kapil and his team members have been sharing pictures and videos from Canada and also snippets from their show. 

In Vancouver, as the team performed on June 25 and on Wednesday, Kapil announced that their next stop is Toronto. The team has been posting pictures and videos from their tour on social media and audiences love them.

On Wednesday, Kapil shared a video from his Vancouver show on Instagram. In the video, Kapil, Kiku, Sumona, Krushna and Rajiv were seen performing on the stage as thousands of people cheered for them. Sharing the video, Kapil told his fans that he will be performing next in Toronto on July 3.

Recently, Kapil paid a heartfelt tribute to late singers Sidhu Moose Wala and KK during his show in Vancouver, Canada. A video went viral on the internet where Kapil was seen singing Sidhu Moosewala's hit song '295'. In the video, 'Tribute To Legends' was written in the background along with photos of Sidhu Moosewala, KK, Deep Sandhu and Sandeep Singh Sandhu. 

The last episode of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' aired on June 5 and the next season of the show will be announced once the team gets back from North America.

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