&flix celebrates superheroes amongst us with its new music video ‘awesome in disguise’

Composed by Indie pop band When Chai Met Toast, the song features real-life heroes along with the biggest Marvel Superheroes on &flix

&flix celebrates superheroes amongst us with its new music video ‘awesome in disguise’

Mumbai: The awesomeness is back! The biggest Superheroes of Hollywood return to save the day on the ultimate destination of the biggest Hollywood hits, &flix. With its flagship property ‘Flix Superheroes’ airing weeknights at 9, the channel brings a multiverse that is a must-watch with blockbuster titles like Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity Wars, Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming and more for those who truly love superheroes 3000! 

Taking the awesomeness to the next level for these passionate fans, &flix has released a special music video ‘Awesome In Disguise’ in collaboration with the leading multilingual pop-folk band ‘When Chai Met Toast’. An ode to those who inspire us to take the leap of faith, the upbeat soundtrack depicts how it's not just the suits and superpowers, but the heart which is where the awesomeness stems from.  

The track which is a foot-tapping melody talks about a journey of bringing together a group of marvellous people to unleash what makes them awesome and extraordinary. Packed with mesmerising acoustics, the music inspires you to #LeapForth with faith that puts you on the path of redefining yourself. 

Along with the band comprising members Achyuth Jaigopal, Ashwin Gopakumar, Pai Sailesh and Pale Francis, the music video also brings forth those individuals who have achieved nothing short of miraculous feats through their spectacular show of strength, skill and sheer will. 

Featuring in this video will be Parul Arora, the National Gold Medalist Gymnast who aced backflips in a saree, Anam Hashim, India’s only professional street bike freestyle athlete to have won at an International event and Sagar Waghela, the star boy of the skateboarding circuit who and more. 

Other featured talents include Manasi Joshi, Indian para-badminton player, the current World Champion and a changemaker in the sporting world and Hydroman aka. Jaydeep Gohil, India’s first underwater dancer. 

Speaking about the music video, Kartik Mahadev, Business Head, Premium Channels, ZEEL said, “As a young brand, &flix has constantly innovated to address consumer needs with a string of category first initiatives and special curation of content. With the growing popularity of Hollywood movies across the country, the ‘Superhero’ genre has seen strong consumer interest. To understand this better we recently released a study capturing Movie lovers in India called: ‘Hollywood Is For Everyone’. The study revealed that 90% movie lovers claim to have grown up with Superheroes from Hollywood. As a channel, we are excited with the latest edition of Flix Superheroes that brings the biggest titles from the Marvel universe to the movie fans. With these movies, it’s not just about the mask and capes that make the Superheroes awesome but the awesomeness that starts from within which is truly inspiring and needs to be celebrated. We are thrilled to have collaborated with ‘When Chai Met Toast’ who with their distinct music have brought this version of the Superheroes to life. We are excited to bring this track to movie fans as we celebrate the spirit of awesome humans around us.”

Speaking about the association, lead vocalist of When Chai met Toasts Ashwin Gopakumar said, “We were exhilarated at this opportunity to collaborate with &flix as we truly believe in the message that it takes one to be awesome from within. Being ardent superhero fans ourselves, it was exciting to work on a project that celebrated real-life icons who inspire us. With this as the guiding force, over the course of this production, we have passionately involved ourselves to create something special that exalts these real-life icons with the music video. We had great fun shooting the same with the many talented individuals who each possessed unabashed passion and courage that truly inspires us. We are certain that fans are sure to be delighted.”

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You are your own superhero, and this song is a reminder that the journey of a superhero always starts from inside the heart.

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