EXCLUSIVE: 'Naagin 6 is my dream role', says Bigg Boss 15 fame Simba Nagpal

Bigg Boss 15 fame Simba Nagpal is all set to rock with his new show Naagin 6 as a male lead. While talking to us, he spilled the beans on his chemistry with Tejasswi Prakash, his role in the show and also about his preparations for it. 

EXCLUSIVE: 'Naagin 6 is my dream role', says Bigg Boss 15 fame Simba Nagpal

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15 contestant Simba Nagpal who made a mark in the show for his cuteness and simplicity has now bagged the role of the main lead in Ekta Kapoor’s most-loved show Naagin 6 opposite Tejasswi Prakash. 

Simba who is known as a charmer in the TV industry, has now spilled the beans on his chemistry with Tejasswi, his role in Naagin 6 and also about his preparations which he has done for the role. 

So while talking to Zee News Digital, he shared that if given a chance he wants to inherit the powers of a superman so that he can remove the negativity and crime from the world. 

How excited are you to be part of such a big show? 



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It feels amazing. I feel I am blessed and that I am as I am a firm believer in Lord Shiva and he loves me a lot and that’s something which I can feel it.

Tell us about your character in Naagin 6?

So basically, my character’s name is Rishabh Gujral, who is a defense Army office, he has just won a war at the border and has just returned. Soon, he notices that pandemic has taken over the whole country and so he wants to get to the core of it, and how is it happening, while he meets his Naagin. While talking about his nature, he is an extremely aggressive guy but at the same time, he has a very kind heart and is ready to save people in every possible way.   

What made you say ‘YES’ for the show?

So, the situation was when I came out of BB 15, I got a few projects which had movies, serials and web series in them but I had a lot of second thoughts for it. But when Naagin was offered to me it was clear to me that I have to do this, there was no second thought about it as it’s my dream role.

How you actually prepped up for your role?



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If u talk about the physical aspect, I have changed my body language, I have observed how the Army people walk and talk.. I have seen how they run and so basically I have learned all the body gestures of them. Also I have packed out a few kgs of muscles to look even broader like an Army officer. So, I have been talking with a lot of Army officers and also watching movies of my favourite actors in order to learn a few things.

Are there any similarities between the two of you in real life?

No, there is no similarity… maybe like 5%, and the rest we are like poles apart. If I am calm and composed, then he is aggressive and serious. If I am fun-loving then he is extremely patriotic. If I prioritize my family and friends then he chooses his nation first and so that’s how we are extremely different. 

How was your experience of working with Tejasswi right after BB 15?



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Definitely, it feels great to be back with her. Till date, I knew her as a person but now I know her as an actor, and she is even better as an actor. We share a great bond but we have different mindsets, but we are always open to opinions and we are very honest to each other in every aspect. 

If given a chance, which is that one supernatural power that u want to have and why?

Superman! Because he is the strongest and people have always compared me with him only. So, I have a soft corner for him. Because Superman is super in everything – as he can everything, he can see everything so when something wrong is happening then he can sense it and can be there at any moment. So this will be beneficial in a manner that the people who spread negativity and also do crimes, will be stopped and it can be taken under control. Yaa, so this pisses me off … also because I can’t do anything about it.

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