EXCLUSIVE: I don’t regret walking away with Rs 10 lakh, says Bigg Boss 15 finalist Nishant Bhat

Nishant Bhat while talking to us, spilled the beans on his decision of quitting the show, his reaction to ‘PraNiSha’ and his future plans. 

EXCLUSIVE: I don’t regret walking away with Rs 10 lakh, says Bigg Boss 15 finalist Nishant Bhat

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15 got its winner with Tejasswi Prakash lifting the trophy but other finalists on the show also got their share of name and fame. Choreographer Nishant Bhat quit the show and walked away with Rs 10 lakh. While talking exclusively to Zee News Digital, Nishant spilled the beans on his decision of quitting the show, his reaction to ‘PraNiSha’ and his future plans. 

How happy or satisfied are you with your journey?

I’m extremely happy and proud of my journey and also the love which I’m getting from people is unbelievable. 

Did you ever expect to gain so much love and fame through this journey?


I never expected this to happen. People are recognizing me even when I am wearing a mask and I haven’t seen so much fame and media clicking so many pictures of me earlier and so I’m thankful for everything and so I am still digesting it.  

Taking the briefcase and quitting the show was a brave and big decision. What made you take this decision?



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See in my span of 6 months, whatever decision came to my mind, I did exactly the same every time throughout my journey in Bigg Boss. I never got eliminated from Bigg Boss and I never wanted that to happen with me. Earlier, I was the first runner-up in Bigg Boss OTT and here I was in the game as the top 5 finalists and the audience who came inside the house declared me the winner of the task and that is the true victory for me. I’m happy with the fact that I never got eliminated and took the prize money as something is better than nothing. I don’t regret it.

I always wanted the audience to love me and recognize me which I have finally received and so that’s my greatest achievement. 

Tell us about your friendship with Pratik and Shamita and your hashtag which is trending PraNiSha?


Honestly, when I was inside the house, I never thought about it as I and Shamita had not that good relations during our OTT days but eventually, when we entered the Bigg Boss 15 house, we bonded well. Talking about all three of us, we are totally three different kinds of persons but the situations and circumstances in the house, brought us together. But this is also true, that now I’m bored of all of them for the next six months atleast, neither they will feel like seeing my face and nor I’m interested. Just that tomorrow is Shamita’s birthday, so I and Pratik will be meeting her tomorrow. That’s it for now. 

What are your future plans?

Firstly I’ll take a break of atleast 10 days and then will start taking up new projects. 

What’s on your wishlist?


Well, now I want to judge a show in my way. Like I do teen-panch and so will bring something more authentic and entertaining for the audience. Now, I want a chair where I can sit and people can see my judgment. I have the experience and qualities which are needed in a judge. 

I also want to talk about my musicals and also I want to choreograph movie songs and so yeah there is a lot which will be done in the coming days. 

What do you want to say about Tejasswi Prakash’s win? 

See honestly, I am okay with the decision but just that I personally wanted Pratik Sehajpal to win the trophy as he desperately wanted it. Teja is also my friend and so it's okay for me as both of them were on my top five list. I’ll not take that win from her because she has nailed it on her own and it’s not possible that we can please everyone at the same time. So that’s okay.

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