EXCLUSIVE: I can’t imagine Roadies without Rannvijay Singha, says Bigg Boss 15 runner up Karan Kundrra

Bigg Boss 15 second runner up Karan Kundrra spilled the beans on his journey on the show, his bond with Umar Riaz and also talked about Roadies without Rannvijay Singha. 

EXCLUSIVE: I can’t imagine Roadies without Rannvijay Singha, says Bigg Boss 15 runner up Karan Kundrra

NEW DELHI: TV industry’s renowned face and Bigg Boss 15 second runner-up Karan Kundrra made headlines when he entered the show. 

His fans loved his mind games and also declared him the winner of the show but unfortunately, he couldn’t win the trophy but his girlfriend Tejasswi Prakash won the show. 

While talking exclusively to Zee News Digital, Karan spilled the beans on his Bigg Boss journey, his bond with Umar Riaz and he also reacted on Roadies without Rannvijay Singha. 

How will you define your journey in Bigg Boss 15 house? 



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I think I had a fabulous ride, a fantastic time and I think I have achieved more than I have expected and so it was a beautiful time for me. 

What was your reaction when you got evicted at the third position? Were you disappointed?

Yes, I was very disappointed that I wasn’t in the top two. But my journey or what the result was won’t be defined with mere last 10 minutes on the show as I have spent almost 4 months on the show .. 17 weeks to be precise and the country knows what I have done and what I have not. The love that is coming my way, is speaking a lot, the trend or records which I am setting, speaks volumes about what I have done on the show. And so yes, this is what I have earned and it’s gonna stay with me for the rest of my life.  

How will you define your bond with Umar Riaz?



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I think it is one of the most beautiful things. Apko kismet se aise dost milte hai. Umar did more for me as compared to what I did for myself – he stood by my side all the time and I was observing it all the time. I have earned the two most precious things from Bigg Boss house, which is Umar and his friendship and this won’t change ever and even our chemistry is next level. 

What are your upcoming projects with Umar or Tejasswi Prakash?

I hope something comes up to me where I can be with Umar. I really want that to happen. See talking about Teja, she has immediately started working for Naagin 6… it’s a very big project and so I want her to continue working on it for now until she gets used to it and then will see if something interesting comes up our way then will definitely work upon it. 

How about your friendship with Shamita Shetty? 

At the end of the day, the kind of respect which we have for each other won’t ever change. We know each other very well. She is an extremely simple, straightforward, and trustworthy person which will never change and talking about our bond, things haven’t changed from my end and I hope the same from her. I know one thing even if we don’t meet ever due to our busy schedule, that won’t change the bond which we share or ever shared. 

How do you deal with negative trolls and hate comments? 

A lot of narratives were made against me, a lot of people tried to pull me down but I am just someone who thinks that the glass is half full…so I took all the criticism in the most sincere manner and also tried to work upon it. I have done numerous mistakes but I also tried to improve myself as I was only focusing on not letting my loved ones down. 

Rannvijay has quit roadies after a span of 18 years… what’s your take over it?



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To be very honest, I cannot imagine Roadies with Rannvijay.. I have been on the show as a mentor with him and so I don’t believe Roadies happening without him. See, the thing is the format, you have given fame and recognition to one show and vice-versa. Roadies has certain ethics which is incomplete without Rannvijay. But I am still wondering what's in his mind, I’m sure he might have thought about it. But as somebody who has been on the show as a judge, my feeling is Roadies is just incomplete without him. Talking about me, they have changed the format altogether after 18 years, I think you guys will come to know about it soon.

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