Bigg Boss OTT 2 Highlights: Jiya Shankar Evicted, Bebika Dhurve Opens Up About Dating Abusive Man

Iiya Shankar is the latest celebrity to have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Highlights: Jiya Shankar Evicted, Bebika Dhurve Opens Up About Dating Abusive Man Photo courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan set a playful tone with their banter. A chuckle-filled moment ensues as Abhishek laughs off Manisha's claim of having merely a crush on Elvish Yadav. Bebika Dhurve and Abhishek engage in a conversation addressing a misunderstanding in their communication. Abhishek perceives her as a narcissist, and they clarify each other stating their perspectives.

Elvish Yadav opens up to Pooja Bhatt about his conversation with Abhishek who stated that a wildcard contestant has no potential to become a winner. Pooja lends her support to Elvish's viewpoint, noting the emergence of over-confidence in Abhishek's gameplay. A group discussion ensues, questioning whether the game centres around opinions or personalities. As opinions diverge, Pooja, Elvish, and Abhi find themselves at odds with each other's perspectives.

In a garden, Abhishek, Elvish, and Jiya Shankar dissect their differences. Abhishek humorously labels Elvish a 'donkey' for his stance on opinions. Amidst the friendly banter, Elvish expresses hurt over Abhishek's previous comments.

Bigg Boss surprises the contestants with travel vlogger Aninay's arrival. Aninay announces that the BB House's journey will soon conclude, accompanied by a tour by travel vloggers. Manisha extends her hospitality by making tea. Aninay engages with the housemates, offering palm readings and insightful observations. He foresees two marriages in his fate and discusses his introverted tendencies causing life hurdles. He encourages Elvish and Abhishek in their gameplay.

Guest Mohit arrives with playful jests, even hinting at a matchmaking offer for Manisha from his brother in Canada. He tours the house, discussing eliminations and prompting predictions about saved contestants.

Mohit queries Pooja about the potential leader among YouTubers. Pooja throws her support behind Elvish, earning his gratitude. Mohit observes Elvish's unusual silence, while the discussion transitions to post-BB House travel plans.

Following Mohit's departure, housemates assemble outside for an urgent announcement. Tension fills the air as Bigg Boss says its time to reveal the 'Top 5' contestants and one of them's photos will be revealed in the garden - the contestant will be out of the finale race. Jiya Shankar's journey in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 comes to an end. Amid emotions and goodbyes, Jiya exits the show, leaving behind her memorable moments.

Abhishek takes a reflective turn, asking Pooja about her personal growth and lessons learned within the Bigg Boss house. Bebika and Elvish inject humour into the environment, engaging in lighthearted conversations about amusing topics, such as 'Monkey's bum'.