Bigg Boss 16: Huge fight breaks out between Archana Gautam-MC Stan, Sreejita hurls abuses at Archana

Archana Gautam got into a fight with MC Stan over duties and later with Sreejita over nominations. 

Bigg Boss 16: Huge fight breaks out between Archana Gautam-MC Stan, Sreejita hurls abuses at Archana

NEW DELHI: 'Bigg Boss 16' contestants Archana Gautam and MC Stan got into a verbal spat when it was the rapper's turn to clean the washrooms. But, according to Archana, he did not do a decent job. When he confronted her about it, she announced that because the rapper instigated her, she won't do any household chores. MC Stan retorts in his rapping style: "Tereko batane ka tere kisse, toh tere ho jaayenge hisse (If I start counting your actions, you will be ashamed)." Archana complains that no one reprimands Shalin Bhanot when he doesn't contribute to the chores.

While the rapper argues that Shalin is sick from an asthma attack, Archana blames that MC Stan has no reason to fight but still he is picking up fights for the footage. The rapper, however, blames Archana for hovering around Abdu Rozik just for grabbing the eyeballs.

Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot argue after he does not help her with duties. Sreejita and Archana Gautam argue about duties. Cheering up all those who have been missing their pets, 'Bigg Boss' welcomes a new member of the house - Maahim, a cute St. Bernard. The vibe and energy of the house change as all the housemates rush to welcome the four-legged beauty at the entrance.

The activity area is fashioned into 'BB Mandi' and every time it opens for business, any two members unanimously decided by housemates can go ration shopping. Nimrit Kaur and Tina Datta nominate Priyanka Choudhary and Sumbul Touqeer. Vikkas and Sumbul continue to fight about who should go next and the round gets cancelled. Priyanka and Shalin go next and nominate Nimrit and Soundarya. Sajid and Soundarya nominate Tina and Shalin. Archana Gautam nominates Sreejita De and Shiv Thakare nominates Vikkas Manaktala. Sumbul and Vikkas argue while Tina and Nimrit shop at the mandi.

MC Stan and Abdu Rozik shop at the mandi after which Bigg Boss announces nominated contestants. Archana and Sreejita De argue where the latter hurls abuses at Archana Gautam. 

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sajid think that Abdu Rozik has instilled a new attitude. Sajid eats food alone without Abdu and he goes to question him. Vikkas wants that the ration in the house is supposed to be kept in one place and then decided. Whereas Sumbul Touqeer believes that she wants to go next but Vikkas doesn’t want her to as from Room of 6 already two people have gone in.

Sreejita and Archana get into an ugly verbal spat over nominations. Sreejita calls her a 'B****'. 

The contestants start discussing who they nominated. Archana and Sreejita get into a fight over Sreejita telling Archana in the morning that the bathroom was not clean. Sreejita says that she has a black heart. MC Stan talks to Abdu Rozik about his behavior and why Sajid and Nimrit are upset with him. Abdu then tries to make Sajid understand that nothing has changed and he loves him a lot. Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik apologise to each other and make up.

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