Bigg Boss 16 Day 63 updates: Salman Khan announces no eviction this week

In the latest Weekend of Vaar episode, Salman Khan scolded Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta for using too much English in the house, and reprimanded Archana Gautam for using foul language with housemates. 


Bigg Boss 16 Day 63 updates: Salman Khan announces no eviction this week

NEW DELHI: The episode starts with the entry of Salman Khan greeting the audience. The host gives a task to the contestants and asks them to kick out one of the nominated people and Shalin became the target. The fellow participants pointed out that he has no 'game'. Some hardcore BB fans join Salman Khan on the stage and ask some tough questions from the housemates. The fans grill the participants for their double standards and how they have been playing the game. Also, no contestant was eliminated this week. 

A Bigg Boss fan questioned Shalin Bhanot about his relationship with Tina Datta. The fan said that Shalin is going behind Tina all the time. Salman Khan questioned Shalin and Tina's equation and relationship on the show. Shalin said they like each other but will take a call on their relationship outside the house.  

Fan asked Tina to give some clarification on her relationship with Shalin Bhanot. He states that Shalin is no Shah Rukh Khan. 

Television actor and former Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor will join Salman Khan on the Bigg Boss stage to promote their upcoming web series Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 4. 

Salman Khan scolds Archana Gautam, Soundarya Sharma and Shiv Thakare for a small fight that happened over food in the past week. Salman further pulls up Archana Gautam for using derogatory language with housemates. He asked Archana, "Who do you think you are?"

Salman Khan confronted all the housemates for excessive use of English inside the house despite repeated warnings. Shalin and Tina were pulled for using English despite repeated warnings from Bigg Boss and Salman. 

Salman Khan praised Ankit for being a very mature contestant on the show and the way he is conducting himself. He also said the audience is loving him on Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan holds 'kala dil' task between Priyanka Chopra and Tina Datta. The housemates were asked to choose whose heart is blacker between Priyanka and Tina. Tina tries to defend herself before Nimrit over 'bhondu' remark, but the latter refuses to listen him. Housemates decide Tina with blacker heart. 

Bigg Boss housemates 'kicked out' Shalin Bhanot from the house. This week he is also nominated for eviction. 

After Salman Khan left Bigg Boss contestants to do their thing, Nimrit and Tina had a conversation about their game. 

Salman Khan saved every nominated contestant this week and signed off.  

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