Bigg Boss 15 Day 10 written update: Umar Riaz accuses Miesha Iyer of 'playing game' with Ieshaan Sehgaal!

On Day 10 of Bigg Boss 15, the housemates were given a difficult nomination task which led to fights between so-called friends in the house.

  • Ieshaan Sehgaal professed his love for Miesha Iyer in the latest Bigg Boss 15 episode
  • He also got into a fight with his friend Umar Riaz when the latter accused Miesha of playing mind games with him
  • Afsana Khan and Vishal Kotian also saw their friendship ending as she nominated him in the task

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Bigg Boss 15 Day 10 written update: Umar Riaz accuses Miesha Iyer of 'playing game' with Ieshaan Sehgaal! Pic courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: With the latest Bigg Boss 15 episode out, all eyes are on Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal's budding romance! The duo has been shown getting super intimate and close in the past few episodes. Fans were shocked when they saw the two kissing and cuddling during the show.


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Coming to how the show's day 10 started, it seems Shamita Shetty is back to playing the game with Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal. They were seen talking in the Bigg Boss house about how they shouldn't let the junglewasis know about their mended alliance. But Miesha and Karan Kundrra are already suspecting them of hatching a plot together.

Later, we get to listen to a romantic conversation between Ieshaan and Miesha as he professes his love for her and tells her, "I love you." He also asks her to trust him and open her heart to love. Ieshaan swears on his mom that his words are true and says that he would even want to marry her.

While Ieshaan and Miesha are falling in love, Umar wakes him up from his la la land and tells him that his relationship can negatively affect his game and chances to win the show.


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Ieshaan says that he is focussing on the show along with his bond with Miesha. 

Later, Bigg Boss assigns the contestants with a nomination task where two people have to come together to choose a housemate for nomination. While everyone easily announces and accepts their nomination, Afsana shocks everyone when she nominates her so-called friend Vishal Kotian.

When they had first arrived at the house, Vishal was very close to Afsana. However, after their big fights, they have grown apart.

Umar and Ieshaan also got into a heated argument over the former wanting to nominate Miesha as he felt she was playing a game with Ieshaan.

We're yet to see which of the nominated contestants get saved from elimination and who will be in the danger zone.