Wordle saves 80-yr-old woman from hostage situation, here’s how the game came to the rescue

Wordle saved a Chicago-based woman from a hostage situation.

Wordle saves 80-yr-old woman from hostage situation, here’s how the game came to the rescue

New Delhi: Wordle, the popular web-based word game, has reportedly saved a life of an 80-year old woman from a hostage situation in Chicago, US. The woman, Denyse Holt, 80, was rescued after her family realised something was wrong when she hadn’t posted her daily Wordle score.

Seattle-based Meredith Holt-Caldwell, the eldest daughter of Holt, was the first to note that there was something wrong when her mother hadn’t updated her daily Wordle score. For the unversed, Wordle is an online word game that gives a player six chances to predict a five-letter word that is chosen at random. 

Holt was reportedly alone at home on the night of February 5. At that time, a man,  identified as James H Davis III, aged 32, broke into her house and pointed a pair of scissors at her. He was naked and was reportedly covered with blood after he broke a window to gain entrance to Holt’s house. 

According to a report by AFP, police is suspecting that the man is suffering from a mental illness. Holt noted that the man had assured her that he won’t harm her. However, he later forced her to take a bath with him with clothes on. Later, he locked her in the basement. She told the Police that she hadn’t thought she was going to live after the incident. 

Wordle has recently gained popularity across the world. The game was recently acquired by The New York Times for an undisclosed sum. According to The New York Times, more than 300,000 individuals play Wordle every day. Also Read: Post Office Scheme: Get returns at 7.1% rate in THIS scheme, check how to apply

The game was designed by software engineer Josh Wardle for his partner, a word game aficionado. According to media reports, the game will never be cluttered with advertisements. Also Read: Google to shut down 'Currents'

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