Will 5G services be costlier than 4G? New reports are contradicting the fact, check here

Earlier there were speculations that the price of the 5G service will be costlier than the 4G. But the new reports are contradicting the speculation of the experts. Continue reading to know more about how much 5G service will cost in India.

Will 5G services be costlier than 4G? New reports are contradicting the fact, check here

New Delhi: The launch of 5G services in India is rapidly approaching. The government has stated that you might get 10X faster broadband speeds than a 4G network with the upcoming rollout of 5G. The cost of the new technology will probably increase; at least, that is what the majority of experts have claimed.

But the new reports are contradicting the speculation of the experts. As per the latest report, phone manufacturers are devising a cunning plan to make sure you don't have to pay a lot of money to utilise the 5G network on your 5G smartphone. (Also Read: WhatsApp UPI payment: Here's a step-by-step guide to send money through WhatsApp UPI)

Once the 5G service will run out in the country and it is easy to access for all then many smartphone maker brands are planning to roll out new 5G phones bundled with a data plan.  In accordance with the online reports, Realme and Airtel will patch up to give cheap 5G data. Reports also say that the companies will give a 5G phone bundled along with the data plan. (Also Read: Want to get paid without 'doing nothing?' Follow THIS man's formula)

As of the right moment or the latest update, Jio is also working with Google to develop the ultra-affordable 5G smartphone. However, all of these actions imply that consumers may be able to purchase a package that includes pricey 5G phones and 5G contracts for a fair price.

With its initial rollout, 5G will leave its imprint on the major metropolises. Companies like Jio have pledged to install 5G in every nook and cranny by December of next year. Although Airtel and Vodafone Idea have not yet made any such statements, they anticipate the 5G network to become widely used over the next two years.

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