LIVE | OpenAI Developers Conference: ChatGPT Creator Announces GPT-4 Turbo With New Updates & Cheaper Price, GPT Builder

OpenAI Developers Conference 2023: OpenAI first developers conference held on November 6, 2023 with the keynote address by founder Sam Altman. 


OpenAI Developers Conference 2023: OpenAI Developers Conference starts with the keynote address of the founder Sam Altman. OpenAI announced it would soon roll out GPT-4 turbo - the new GPT with six new updates and 1/3rd cheaper price. OpenAI is the creator of popular chatbot ChatGPT. It is live streaming at and the official YouTube channel. 

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07 November 2023
00:19 AM IST

GPT-4 Turbo Features and Availability

GPT-4 Turbo is more capable and has knowledge of world events up to April 2023. It has a 128k context window so it can fit the equivalent of more than 300 pages of text in a single prompt. We also optimized its performance so we are able to offer GPT-4 Turbo at a 3x cheaper price for input tokens and a 2x cheaper price for output tokens compared to GPT-4.

GPT-4 Turbo is available for all paying developers to try by passing gpt-4-1106-preview in the API and it plans to release the stable production-ready model in the coming weeks.


00:18 AM IST

Custom models For Organisations

For organizations that need even more customization than fine-tuning can provide (particularly applicable to domains with extremely large proprietary datasets—billions of tokens at minimum), they’re also launching a Custom Models program, giving selected organizations an opportunity to work with a dedicated group of OpenAI researchers to train custom GPT-4 to their specific domain.

This includes modifying every step of the model training process, from doing additional domain specific pre-training, to running a custom RL post-training process tailored for the specific domain. Organizations will have exclusive access to their custom models. In keeping with our existing enterprise privacy policies, custom models will not be served to or shared with other customers or used to train other models. 

Also, proprietary data provided to OpenAI to train custom models will not be reused in any other context. This will be a very limited (and expensive) program to start.

00:17 AM IST

Text-to-speech (TTS) For GPT-4 Turbo

Developers can now generate human-quality speech from text via the text-to-speech API. Our new TTS model offers six preset voices to choose from and two model variants, tts-1 and tts-1-hd. tts is optimized for real-time use cases and tts-1-hd is optimized for quality.

Pricing starts at $0.015 per input 1,000 characters. Check out our TTS guide to get started.

00:16 AM IST


Developers can integrate DALL·E 3, which we recently launched to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, directly into their apps and products through our Images API by specifying dall-e-3 as the model.

Companies like Snap, Coca-Cola, and Shutterstock have used DALL·E 3 to programmatically generate images and designs for their customers and campaigns. Similar to the previous version of DALL·E, the API incorporates built-in moderation to help developers protect their applications against misuse.

It offers different format and quality options, with prices starting at $0.04 per image generated. Check out our guide to getting started with DALL·E 3 in the API.

00:14 AM IST

GPT-4 Turbo With Vision

GPT-4 Turbo can accept images as inputs in the Chat Completions API, enabling use cases such as generating captions, analyzing real world images in detail, and reading documents with figures.

For example, BeMyEyes uses this technology to help people who are blind or have low vision with daily tasks like identifying a product or navigating a store. Developers can access this feature by using gpt-4-vision-preview in the API.

It plans to roll out vision support to the main GPT-4 Turbo model as part of its stable release. Pricing depends on the input image size. For instance, passing an image with 1080×1080 pixels to GPT-4 Turbo costs $0.00765. Check out our vision guide.

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Paytm CEO Vijay Sekhar Sharma On GPT

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Here Are New Developments In ChatGPT: In Points

1. Its new model GPT-4 Turbo supports 128K context and has fresher knowledge than GPT-4. Its input and output tokens are respectively 3× and 2× less expensive than GPT-4. It’s available now to all developers in preview.

2. Assistants API and new tools (Retrieval, Code Interpreter) will help developers build world-class AI assistants within their own apps.

3. The platform is becoming multimodal. GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, DALL·E 3, and text-to-speech are all now available to developers. Oh… and they’re doubling GPT-4 rate limits. 

00:01 AM IST

GPT Details

Plus and Enterprise users can start creating GPTs this week at Later this month, It will launch the GPT Store, so people can feature and make money from their GPTs. OpenAI plans to offer GPTs to more users soon.

23:56 PM IST

GPTs - A tailored AI agent to perform for specific tasks

23:53 PM IST

GPT Builder Announced

GPT Builder will allow anyone to customize and share their own AI assistants with natural language. This is the first step towards OpenAI's vision of AI Agents.

23:50 PM IST

GPTs Are Here

Small, Instructed and customised ChatGPT for specific purpose. 

23:44 PM IST

GPT-4 Turbo Details - Faster, Cheaper, And Read a prompt as long as an Entire Book

23:41 PM IST

Custom Models To Align With Companies

OpenAI will provide custom ChatGPT custom models for each and every companies for effective use.

23:39 PM IST

GPT-4 Turbo Is Unveiled

GPT-4 Turbo 

Whisper 3 Feature


GPT-4 fine tuning


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