Google Makes It Easy to Unsubscribe From Unwanted Emails on Gmail for iOS, Android Users

Google has enhanced Gmail's unsubscribe feature, simplifying the process for Gmail users dealing with unwanted emails.  

Google Makes It Easy to Unsubscribe From Unwanted Emails on Gmail for iOS, Android Users Image Credit: (Pixabay)

New Delhi: It can be quite frustrating when our online life becomes chaotic because of an overflow of unwanted emails. Finding the unsubscribe button can be tricky, as it's usually hidden at the bottom of the email.

To address users' frustration, Google has tackled this issue for Gmail users. Google is now making it easier for Gmail users to unsubscribe to unwanted emails on both mobile and web versions of Gmail. Additionally, the company is separating the "Report spam and unsubscribe" category into two distinct options: "Report spam" and "Unsubscribe." (Also Read: Apple Could Launch New iPad Lineup In 2024; Check Expected Specs)

The company has communicated these changes through a Google Workspace update. They mentioned, "We understand that managing unwanted emails is a source of frustration for many users. That's why we introduced new guidelines for bulk senders a few months ago to help users stay safe. Now, we're introducing new ways to make it even easier to unsubscribe from unwanted emails in Gmail on the web and mobile."

An interesting feature of this update is that users can now unsubscribe without opening unwanted emails. Once the user clicks the unsubscribe button, Gmail sends an HTTP request or an email to the sender, requesting the removal of the user's address from the mailing list.

According to reports, the tech giant Google will require bulk senders (those sending over 5,000 emails) to implement a single-click unsubscribe link by February 2024. The single-click unsubscribe button will be clearly visible in the message body, and commercial senders will be required to process these requests within a two-day timeframe. (Also Read: Vivo G2 With Powerful 5,000mAh Battery And Camera Launched; Check Price)

Notably, the unsubscribe option is now displayed immediately upon opening an email, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple steps in the three-dotted menu for Android and iOS users.