Google Introduces .Ing Domain For Creating Memorable, One-Word Websites

Google is launching two new domains: .ing and .meme to expand the types of domain names they offer. The first one, .ing, is meant for creating websites with short and memorable names, even just one word. The second one, .meme, is for websites that have funny, cultural, or relatable content.

  • Google launches .ing domain for early access period until Dec 5.
  • It will soon introduce .meme domain for funny and relatable websites.
  • Google Registry is offering several domains depending on needs and requirements.

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Google Introduces .Ing Domain For Creating Memorable, One-Word Websites Google launches .ing domain to let creating memorable, one world website. Google Blog

New Delhi: Google has launched a new domain called .ing that lets you build your website in a single word. For example, you could use this domain to create a memorable website without any break while pronouncing such as,, &

“This top-level domain is ready for whatever you're interested in, whether it’s a fun website, to a good cause, something beautiful or an existing document,” Google blog said.

Think of a domain name like a signpost on the internet. It's a special and easy-to-remember address that helps you find websites, like or There are tons of these addresses in the online world, and they are taken care of by something called domain registries.

Now, these registries have a job to do. They need to tell a group called domain registrars who owns which domain names. It's like keeping a list of who owns which house. This way, when you type a domain name in your web browser, it knows where to take you on the internet. So, domain registries and domain registrars work together to make sure the internet stays organized and easy to navigate.

Google Registry is starting the .ing domains as part of its Early Access Period (EAP) for an additional one-time fee from today, November 1,. On December 5 at 9:30 pm, .ing domain will be publicly available at a base annual price through your registrar of choice. Until then, the additional fee for early access period will decrease according to a daily schedule.

Some popular website are already using .ing domain to gain more attraction and redirect people to the rightful place when they need. For instance, Canva is using or for its website and Adobe Acrobat is using or Whenever people need to search for an editing tool on Google, it leads people to Adobe Acrobat, which is an editing tool.

Google Registry has listed partners such as GooDaddy or MrDomain through which you can purchase your favourite domain during the Early Access period.

Google Registry is currently offering .app, .dev, .dad, .phd, .prof, .esq, .foo, .zip, .mov, .nexus, .page, .new, .how, .soy, .day, .boo, .ing and .みんな. We also own .ads, .eat, .fly, .here, and .meme among others. 

Google Working On .meme top-level domain

Google is working on .meme domain for content related to culture, funny, relatable, and shareable as memes drive the internet today. Tech giant said that it will be available from December 5 onwards where anyone can register available domains without paying an EAP fee. Meanwhile, the early period for .meme domains will be between November 28 to December 5.