Apple will have to CHANGE its conventional 'lightning port' from 2024 after THIS approval; Check details

The European Union Parliament has approved a single charger reform that is forcing tech companies to provide standard USB-C charging port in their devices from 2024. The move will have a direct impact on Apple as it a big player who uses its own exclusive lighting cable port.

Apple will have to CHANGE its conventional 'lightning port' from 2024 after THIS approval; Check details File Photo

New Delhi: Apple next series iPhone 15 probably won't have the conventional lightning port cable charger in order to complying the new rules of European Union. The company will have to introduce the standard USB-C charing ports for its iPhones from Autumn 2024. The European Union Parliament approved on October 4 single charger reform that demands tech companies to provide common charging ports for their devices from Autumn 2024.

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According to the new rules, tech companies can’t create devices with their specific and exclusive charging points and chargers. For instance, Apple which uses its special lightning port charger. They need to follow the standard and compatible common charger like USB-C connectors for their devices. The deal also covers e-readers, ear buds and other technologies, meaning it may also have an impact on Samsung, Huawei and other device makers, analysts said.

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However, there is a two-year exemption for the laptop charging ports. The companies need to change it for their devices from 2026.

The move is aimed to reduce e-waste. Although smartphone users across the globe may be happy with this decision as it is easier to carry and use a single charger rather than investing and traveling with multiple chargers for several devices, Apple may have to make a big shift as it is the only major smartphone maker in the world that does not use USB-C ports.

Apart from the European Union, India is also considering imposing a new regulation that will force tech giants to have a universal standard charger, including USB-C, by as early as 2024, a report by the Mint revealed. Europe and India are key markets for Apple and push towards adaptation of a ‘common port’ will definitely impact a wide range of devices.