Apple Watch sends SOS alert after accident, check how to enable life-saving feature

Apple Watch has a feature which may be able to send text to emergency contacts with your location.


Apple Watch sends SOS alert after accident, check how to enable life-saving feature

Have you wondered how you would contact someone in case of an emergency like a hit and run situation where you fall unconscious? Well, Apple Watch has got your back as a feature in the smartwatch can send text to emergency contacts with your location.

In one such incident, a Singaporean motorcyclist named Mohammed Fitri fell off his bike after colliding with the Van. Fitkari claimed that the Van drove off after hitting him and he fell unconscious. Police also confirm that the incident was of hit and run

Fitri explained that the Apple Watch which he was wearing was able to detect a hard fall and send messages with his location to his emergency contact which included his girlfriend. The watch also contacted the ambulance service.

Mohammad Fitri’s sister wrote on a Facebook post that his brother was on his way home. He was riding his bike at the T junction and there was an incoming Van from the left turning right. The van dashed out and hit her brother exactly inside the yellow box. The mentioned van then left the scene. Her brother was left unconscious but luckily his Apple Watch called the ambulance. 

A fall detection feature in the Apple Watch Series 4 and above notifies emergency contacts and local emergency services in case a person becomes unresponsive. It will first notify the owner and give them a small window to respond to the alert. But if you don't dismiss the alert, the watch senses that you have become unresponsive and calls for rescue. (Also Read: Moto Tab G20 tab with 8-inch LCD display launched in India: Price, features, specs )

For all the Apple Watches, one can enable this feature by visiting the health app section, followed by clicking on the health checklist option. After you enable the fall detection feature, you will be informed first in case of a hard fall. Your apple watch will “first notify you before sending a message”. 

For setting up emergency details, go to the medical ID section on the health app. You will be able to find your contacts and your other information like allergies and blood type. (Also Read: TCS introduces Youth Employment Program to skill youth, help rebuild livelihoods of COVID-19 victims )

Samsung galaxy watches also have similar features. In case a fall is detected by the galaxy watch, It shows an alert on a screen which could allow the user to get help by a single tap.

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