Amazon quiz today, November 3: Here're the answers to win Rs 2500

You have to answer all five questions to win today's prize.

Amazon quiz today, November 3: Here're the answers to win Rs 2500 File Photo

New Delhi: The daily app quiz from Amazon is back in action. The quiz will be found in the Funzone section of the e-commerce app. The winner will get a Rs 2500 Amazon Pay Balance. If you are interested to play the quiz, you can play it in the Funzone section of the app.

Questions type

Five questions, usually based on general knowledge and current events, make up Amazon's daily quiz. (Also Read: Short of funds? LIC is offering personal loans at low-interest rates compared to banks: check EMI calculator, loan terms & more)

How can you win?

For a contestant to be eligible for the quiz reward, they must properly answer each question. There are four options for each quiz question. Participants in the quiz must select one accurate response from these choices. Once all questions have been correctly answered, participants will enter a drawing to determine the quiz's winners. (Also Read: Twitter takeover BIG update: Elon Musk have to pay THIS much amount to Parag Agrawal)

Here are today's, November 3, 2022, questions of the Amazon quiz and its answer:

1. The 25th National Youth Festival was held where in India?

Answer: Puducherry

2. Who became the first space tourist to travel to the International Space Station in more than a decade in December 2021?

Answer: Yusaku Maezawa

3. Where is the 22nd Missile Vessel Squadron based that comprises vessels Prabal, Pralaya, Nashak, Nishank, Vipul, Vibhuti, Vinash and Vidyut?

Answer: Mumbai

4. Name this famous guitarist who is popular on Instagram.

Answer: Borja Catanesi

5. This is the side view of a fort in which city, also featured in a famous Satyajit Ray movie?

Answer: Jaisalmer

How to play the quiz?

- Open the Amazon app.

- Go to the search bar.

- Search Funzone.

- Click on the Amazon daily quiz at the bottom of the interface.